Still Geeky after all these years

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I’ve been a geek my whole life. Launched my neighbors’ mouse to 7,000 feet in a two stage rocket. I had 110 jars of chemicals in my basements’ chemistry lab making fake blood, and explosives. Soldering transistors, resistors and capacitors (you could SEE them back then) to make fuzz boxes for my rock and roll band-mates’ guitars and timers for my darkroom.

At 16 I was programming a University ‘s’ IBM 360 in the Fortran IV scientific language to print out and image derived from playboy centerfolds with our favorite cheerleader’s face posted behind the curtain on the wall n the school darkroom. We got in trouble for that one. Even though the computer operator who ran the program that night loved it.

After Abbe Hoffman and friends failed to Levitate the Pentagon, I studied how to fly solo a 747 full of explosive into the Pentagon to protest the War Machine we Hippies and Yippies called Amerika. ( But only if I’d learned I had contracted a painful terminal disease asI ’m not fanatic or suicidal) (I planned to tell the people to leave first, as I didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Yes, it was the 60’s and I was a geek. Still am, 60 years later.

So when I saw a postcard photograph of two children with what were apparently VR headsets on, my first impression was that they were in the near future, (They turned out to be Post Office machine mangling marks )

Multiple studies have shown that people who virtually walk through refugee camps come out of the experience with a much more compassionate and caring attitude for their brothers and sisters around the world who are in similar if not worse circumstances.

Until now there has been nothing except actually being there in the midst of such suffering to open your heart. An experience beyond mass possibility,.

Until now.

If technology of any sort helps us to change our hearts for the better, I’m all for it.

If it’s only used to play games of war, chance or just time-wasting pure stupidity, i.e. Presidential tweets or Facebook crapola,,, then I’m against it.

I;d hoped those kids were seeing a beautiful world and envisioning a better world to come,

THEN… taking their headsets off and doing the real work making it happen.

So I remain. A peaceful geek with great hope for us all and the world to come.



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